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 Application TEMPLATE (Looking for invite, please read this first)

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Sin Gets In
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Guild Leader
Sin Gets In

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PostSubject: Application TEMPLATE (Looking for invite, please read this first)   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:53 pm

Hello and Welcome to Aces Forums

To join Aces you must meet the requirements and answer the questions below. Just because the requirements below are met does not gaurantee an invitation to Aces. You also have to have the qualities that all Aces members have, that is friendliness, team spirit, willing to learn & take criticism, no raging, no drama, & most of all respect for all players no matter their background, race, language, or skill level.

We have a very close knit community here and will do everything to keep it that way.

Before we can even evaluate your application, please verify your name against the Ally Blacklist and our black list. If you are on the black list, you need to settle this matter with our alliance. If the matter is resolved and your name is taken of the Black List, we can then consider your application.

Alliance Black List

We require all of members to be on teamspeak 3 and be able to communicate. Our minimum req for UW is 3 areas with one being main team. the more u can do the better for u.

Copy and Paste the infomation below and fill it out

List IGN's Profession(All of Them & their PvE Ranks) (Minimum Rank 5 Needed in all Pve titles for invite, May be higher depending on profession):

Sin Gets In (Assassin), SS-6, LB-6, Ebon-6, Norn-6, Asura-6, Deld-6

Da Soul Train (Rit) , SS-6, LB-6, Ebon-6, Norn-6, Asura-6, Deld-6

List Elite Area experience and the Roles you know:

FoW: (100b, Derv, SS, EoE, Terras)

DoA: (Mes Spike, Caller, Tank, EmO, Monk Seed)

UWSc: (EMo, Spike, SoS, LT, T1,2,3,4) (Solo T1: Yes) (Duo's: Yes)

Dungeons Sc's: Frostmaws, Bogroots, SoOSc, CoF.....

Faction Sc's: Urgoz, Deep

PvP: Jq, RA, HA, GvG

Do you have Teamspeak3 Software? Do you have a microphone/Headset?

How did you find out about Aces?

Do you know anyone in Aces?

Are you or Have you ever been in YaWn Ally? Did you leave on good Terms and what were your reasons for leaving?

What guilds have you been a member of? Did you leave on good terms and what were your reasons for leaving? (List past 3months)

Please list any other information about yourself and a brief note telling us why you should be considered by Aces for an invitation
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Application TEMPLATE (Looking for invite, please read this first)
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