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 Aces Black List (If you are applying, please make sure your name isn't on here)

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Sin Gets In
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Guild Leader
Sin Gets In

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PostSubject: Aces Black List (If you are applying, please make sure your name isn't on here)   Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:14 am

Guild Wars only allows us to have 10 ppl on our ignore list, this Black List is your tool to expand that infinitely.

Raging alone is not a criteria for putting someon on this black list. They must have had to try to fail a run purposefully, used profanity in a very derogatory matter, racism, scam, conartist, failed & did not paying cons, etc.

When nominating someone for the black list please list the following:

Ally Black List (Check to see if your name is on it)

Please state why should they be put on the black list and also list any witness from guild or ally. Don't include individuals not in this guild or alliance.

Assa Vom Lande
UWSC, Person was T3, got bb'd in traps and then blamed me for jumping to early. Got killed by charged, I rez him. Then rages at me for jumping and kept trolling me, nvr paid rez scroll or even say ty for rez.. (Sin Gets In)

Buffalo Hot Waangs
UWSC, Person took 30min to pop plains which wasn't an issue. He trolled all of Aces members on the run because he was from Lod. Needless to say he never shut which prolonged the run. (Sin Gets In, Naoleon Ranger, Ferni, Darian, Will)

Luna Ling Lee
UWSC, Person behaved very rudely in a uw run by using profanity on party members. Luna was the T3, they died on the jump to a behemoth during the run to plains and died, then they left the party. (Sin Gets In)

FOWSC, This person kept complaining in the run about essence bond that the monk put, and then he raged out of the run when we still had half consets.. (I Dagger You Fool, Lee, Ferni, Sin Gets In, Naoleon Ranger)

Tear Down The Sky
UWSC, This person got very rude when we were telling him what to do , couldnt tank skeles, and failed 3 seconds into dhuum because it was his first time emo. (Sin Gets In, Naoleon Ranger)

Guild Mattters, This person is a very drama oriented and a classless individual. He has made several attempts to undermine the players in other guilds besides his own & tried to create unwanted chaos in those guilds. This individual is banned from this alliance and any runs involving Aces members. (Aces Admins and Members)

Ally Black List

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Guild Leader
Guild Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Aces Black List (If you are applying, please make sure your name isn't on here)   Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:03 pm

Sonic Healz ya
Scamming a 3man uw run. >>Denny. Bona, Toni
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Aces Black List (If you are applying, please make sure your name isn't on here)
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